Lighten Your Skin the Natural Way with a Skin Lightening Treatment in Melbourne

Pigmentation can be a major concern for many if the issue is too prominent. Visible darkening of the skin due to external components can make your skin appear dull, which can effectively be addressed through a skin lightening treatment in Melbourne.

Skin lightening is a procedure that safely and effectively blocks pigment formation in the skin, allowing you to appear radiant and rejuvenated. The treatment uses antioxidant infusions and intravenous vitamin C as a means to lighten the skin and deal with pigmentation. Made from amino acids, these antioxidants occur naturally in the body.

Here’s how the combination of antioxidants and vitamin C works in a skin lightening treatment in Melbourne.

  • Keeps tyrosinase from reaching areas in the body where it could lead to pigment production
  • Deactivates tyrosinase before it can stimulate the production of pigmentation
  • Breaks down melanocytes to break down active pigmentation
  • Stops free radicals from activating tyrosinase
  • Switches from producing eumelanin to pheomelanin where eumelanin helps with darker pigments and pheomelanin with lighter pigmenting

Working round the clock, the intravenous combination of amino acids and vitamin C helps your skin turn lighter naturally.

The skin lightening treatment in Melbourne carried out by professionals at our medical facility takes all of 45 mins. The insertion of the combined solution is made using a cannula, where they are slowly infused. We recommend around 10-12 sessions of the treatment for effective results, depending on your skin condition and expectations. For your convenience, we make sure your treatment schedule is planned keeping your routine and availability in mind.

At Lang Lang Doctors, we create an environment for you that is warm, comfortable, and one where you can be at ease. We are also available for consultation and more after hours so that no patient is denied access to quality treatment. A simple call can confirm our availability for a consultation or a treatment session after hours for your ease.

Apart from cosmetic treatments, our skilled practitioners also provide services like mental health counselling, chronic disease management, vaccinations, shockwave therapy, women’s and men’s health consultations, drug testing, iron infusions, and more. You can reach out to us to share your medical concerns and schedule an appointment for a skin lightening treatment in Melbourne or head over for a same-day appointment at the clinic. Our team of doctors will be sure to hear you out and provide the needed assistance in consulting and treating you effectively.