Create a Safer Workspace with Professional Drug and Alcohol Testing near Melbourne

Workplace drug and alcohol testing near Melbourne is a common practice among businesses to ensure a safe and productive work environment. Whether you’re hiring new employees, need current employees tested, or need screens conducted on potential contract workers, it often becomes necessary to carry out alcohol and drug test near Melbourne for roles that require safety and mental presence.

Lang Lang Doctors extends assistance to both large and small businesses across Lang Lang by providing pre-employment screens, on-site and off-site drug and alcohol tests, and more. You can reach out to us for alcohol and drug testing near Melbourne in the following instances:

  • Pre-employment screens
  • Random screenings
  • Drug test following a specific instance
  • Follow-up tests for employees previously detected with alcohol or drugs in their system

Drug and Alcohol Testing at Lang Lang Doctors

Lang Lang Doctors is a reliable screening service that provides alcohol and drug testing on-call or for scheduled screenings. When required, we carry out checks on-site by testing employees at random at your organisation or for specific personnel involved in incidents where strict measures need to be taken. We also provide written reports of the tests conducted, assisting you in implementing the necessary guidelines within your workspace.

The alcohol and drug test conducted by our Lang Lang team of practitioners is sent to a certified laboratory for testing so that quality and credibility are assured. The tests may include breathalysers, urine tests, and oral tests and are aimed at minimising the possibility of a work environment where individuals work under the influence of substances.

If your goal is to create a safe and drug-free environment for all within the workspace, carrying out professional drug and alcohol testing near Melbourne on half your employee strength during the initial month can make a difference. With the tests being random, the possibility of employees relying on substances during work hours will be reduced to a great extent.

Range of Services Provided at Lang Lang Doctors

At Lang Lang Doctors, we offer a range of services beyond alcohol and drug testing near Melbourne that include mental health counselling, yellow fever vaccinations, IV hydration therapy, implanon or IUD insertion and removal, treatment for diabetes and other chronic conditions, iron infusion, driver medical testing, weight management, and cosmetic treatments like dermapen treatment and body sculpting. We also provide travel medication and carry out minor surgeries when necessary.

To make our treatments and services more accessible for patients of all ages, our medical centre is open for walk-in consultations and after-hours appointments.

If you’re looking for reliable services for alcohol and drug testing near Melbourne you can reach out to our team. A call on (03) 7043 1712 will let you know the availability of our practitioners at a time most suitable for you.