Making time for your own needs at the end of a very long and tiring day can be exhausting. While the ‘hustle’ culture may seem like your only option when working a demanding job, it can worsen your state of mind if you or your family are in need of medical care but cannot visit your doctor during their routine operating hours. At Lang Lang Doctors, we understand the impact of untreated health issues and do our best to attend to patients by providing after hours medical care for your convenience.

Our team at Lang Lang Doctors focuses on providing exceptional care to every patient no matter the time of day. Our after hours medical centre near Tooradin is open to all patients, whether for emergency needs or otherwise, so that essential medical care is not delayed.

We are open throughout the week and are available for consultation throughout our routine hours and beyond. Our after hours medical clinic near Tooradin includes a 24 hour doctor, ensuring that every patient has access to a reliable and trusted practitioner, irrespective of their schedule. The team of professionals at Lang Lang Doctors are focused on tending to every patient by being flexible in their schedule. Our services cover everything, from physical health and well-being to mental health services.

For those working odd hours, our after hours medical centre near Tooradin seeks to offer relief and provide quality healthcare while keeping our services affordable. Irrespective of the severity of the condition, we ensure to assist you with the utmost care.
Apart from diagnosing and treating patients based on their needs and symptoms, we also have nutritionists and counsellors to help you with other health aspects. Our goal is to provide comprehensive care, whether physical, mental, or emotional. We also provide drug testing, cosmetic treatments, vaccinations, and pre-employment health check-ups.

If you have been delaying your medical consultation and treatment due to a busy schedule, Lang Lang Doctors can help. You can visit our after hours medical clinic near Tooradin for a consultation and diagnosis to identify possible issues and get the right treatment. Our experienced team is sure to make the right assessment and provide the needed care promptly.

For those that need to know about the clinic and our services before booking an appointment, you can give us a call to ask us your queries and doubts and we’d be happy to help you through them. Contact us at 03 7043 1712 to know more about our services.