Health is often secondary for many people more invested in earning a livelihood. It can be extremely harrowing to set up an appointment with a general practitioner during a work-day, all within the official working hours of a clinic. It is, therefore, no surprise to see so many people put their health on the back-seat rather than getting an early diagnosis. However, this can only make matters dire by worsening your condition. Medical emergencies stemming after the usual work-hours of a clinic near you can also often cause unavoidable delay in getting immediate treatment.

Lang Lang Doctors is among the few medical clinics that has an after-hours GP near Grantville to provide consultations and medical assistance. We understand the inconvenience that regular working hours can cause when medical clinics also function within the hours that you are otherwise engaged. Our team of doctors, consisting of general practitioners and specialising practitioners, make themselves available at the clinic for after-hours consultation to assist those unable to visit due to stringent work hours.

Our after-hours GP near Grantville can offer medical consultation and assistance to patients of all ages and provide referrals to other specialising doctors in care of further treatment. We treat a number of medical conditions at our clinic to provide comprehensive treatment for all. Our services extend not only to general health but also encompass medical health services, women’s health, men’s health, children’s health, travel medication, treatment for chronic diseases, minor surgeries, and more. We also provide treatments that cater to your aesthetic needs and offer drug testing, family counselling, driving medical tests, yellow fever vaccination, etc.

If you have been postponing your doctor’s visits lately but are in need of medical intervention, Lang Lang Doctors can help. No matter what you need medical consultation for, we are open after hours and are here to assist you with the right treatment option. Whether it is a routine check or a specific condition needing a diagnosis, you can check with our team of doctors regarding their availability and head over after booking your appointment.

You can contact our team to know more about the availability of our after-hours GP near Grantville for an initial consultation. To book your appointment with us, give us a call at 03 7043 172. Our medical centre also makes 7-day doctors near Grantville accessible to you to help you prioritise your health and well-being. Contact us today.